About Liu Jo Beauty

For over twenty-five years Liu Jo has been a special ally for all women who wish to energetically express their natural beauty and uniqueness, characteristics that the brand enhances through a versatile and glamorous style. The enhancement of a unique and special femininity has always been at the heart of the brand’s values: the interpretation of each woman and the freedom to express her physicality and personality give an unmistakable and magical touch to every dress and accessory.


Enhancing the characteristics and uniqueness of every woman: Liu Jo Beauty was born with the same great ambition as the Italian fashion brand. The brand arrives in the world of fragrances and beauty with contemporary, glamorous and creative proposals to give a voice to every personality and style.



Liu Jo Beauty fragrances translate all the DNA of the brand and the desire for continuous exploration of the female universe typical of the Liu Jo world into olfactory notes.

Liu Jo Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette Scent and Eau de Parfum Liu Jo Milano, launched in 2019, represent the heart of the perfume collection with combinations of rich and elegant notes, floral nuances and delicious temptations, enclosed in precious bottles, with a sophisticated and romantic design.

The Lovely-Glam collection is an equally iconic line, dedicated to a newly blossomed femininity, in which, alongside the Eau de Parfum Liu Jo Lovely U and Liu Jo Lovely Me, Liu Jo Glam asserts itself as a must-have fragrance. Inspired by the radiant and feminine color of coral, Liu Jo Glam is a lively explosion of citrus and surprising notes: grapefruit, red currant and a spicy hit of ginger. A glamorous sillage that contains, in its heart, a floral triumph: peony, jasmine and seductive freesia intertwine in a bewitching and feminine perfection.


Liu Jo Beauty arrives in the world of Body Care with the launch of a collection dedicated to body care. Delicate like the petals of a flower but resistant like its stem, the new collection of Liu Jo body products is dedicated to all the nuances of the female world, to their delicacy, their strength and their passion, thanks to the presence of floral notes.

Classy Wild Rose, Magnetic Peony, Divine Poppy, Fabulous Orchid and Sweet Carnation are the fragrances of the Liu Jo Body Care collection, each characterized by the presence of a precious dominant flower in which every woman can feel represented. Floral scents combine with fruity notes such as lemon, Calabrian bergamot, apricot, Sicilian mandarin and red fruits mixed with the sensuality of vanilla, or recall the creaminess of milk, the preciousness of myrrh and amber, the softness of cocoa and musk that leaves a mysterious sensation that revives the senses.



The new pair of Liu Jo fragrances for him and for her consists of two perfumes that contain the story of a contemporary generation, connected, global and full of energy.

Jo for Her and U for Him, a new story to be discovered and with which Liu Jo enters the men’s fragrance market for the first time.

The “Jo” perfume by Liu Jo Lovers is inspired by Liu Jo’s White Label collection, in which the contemporary touch becomes the inspiration for a glamorous proposal with a high level of personality. A universe of style that invites anyone who wears it to experiment with new and personal solutions to dress everyday life with exceptional self-confidence.

The “U” perfume by Liu Jo Lovers is linked to the fundamental values of Liu Jo Uomo, the men’s clothing collection that interprets urban dynamism in fashion, recounting modern and conscious looks.


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